Welcome to Car Brokers Australia

Welcome to Carbrokers Australia, we are in our 11th year of business and still serving our clients with our guaranteed personal, fast and efficient service. We have been working in the motor industry since 1992. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with experts in the trade.

About Us

After spending numerous years learning how to repair motor vehicles, selling, wholesaling and financing, we decided to offer our services to you. We work hard to deliver a great outcome for our clients on every transaction simply because we want our clients to come back to us in the future. We want our customers to come back so we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Address:Scenic Hwy, Terrigal NSW 2260 | Phone: +0412 947 423

We know from our years of experience that all of our clients have different needs and requirements when it comes to their asset finance needs. And that we simply can not offer the level of service we regard as essential by wasting our clients time on endless web pages and forms that don’t actually give them the precise advice they need to be able to move forward with their transaction. Our service is based on direct conversations between our senior finance consultants and our clients (A real conversation with a real person?! …Shock!... Horror!)

Our business is built on exceeding our client’s expectations with person service from real people. So all we ask you to do to get in touch with us is fill in as much or little information as you are confortable with using this form and one of our senior finance consultants will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.